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​GrassRoots Turf

9975-D Rea Road

Charlotte, NC 28277

Phone: (704) 994-8778


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Every homeowner desires their lawn to be well-kept and lovely, but it’s a time-consuming task and a challenge to come up with the best plan to achieve it. That’s why many homeowners turn to the experts.  For a spotless and healthy lawn year-round, look no further than GrassRoots Turf for all your fertilization and weed control needs. This locally owned and operated company specializes in caring for the lawns in the Piedmont with its unique climate, weeds, pests and tough red clay. 


The owner of GrassRoots, Peter Henrikson, prides himself on taking on the most challenging lawn project.  When other companies have tried and failed to help the homeowner achieve that perfect lawn, he rises to the occasion and succeeds every single time. Included in the low monthly fee is an industry leading fertilizer program, which takes a “soil-first” approach to building healthy lawns. Also, their weed free service includes pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control for ALL weeds, control for damaging lawn insects, and curative lawn fungus diseases products.  They even offer a weed free guarantee because they know they can achieve superior results on a lawn in any condition.  All of this comes standard in their Turf Management Program because they do not believe in upselling their customers, they only believe in doing what is right for their lawn.


Ever arrive home and there’s a sign in your yard or a note on your door saying that your lawn has been treated?  But, you wonder exactly what services have been completed on your lawn?  Each GrassRoots Turf technician wears a body cam that records the entire service on your lawn for your peace of mind and online review.  Also, all their fees are covered in one monthly subscription with no additional or unexpected charges and no contract.  If you request additional service calls because an issue arises with your lawn, they are always complimentary. One last thing, if you have a concern, you may contact the office located in Charlotte and talk directly to the local service team.  At GrassRoots Turf, you’ll be helped by the friendly staff and local experts who are passionate about making sure your lawn is the best on the block.


This is an amazing company.  They turned my weed infested lawn into a healthy green weed free lawn.  Amazing value for the quality.  Would never change them and highly recommend!!!

-Kenneth Vega

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