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Charlotte's Best Sushi

New Zealand Café


New Zealand Café is simply the best spot in Charlotte for Asian Cuisine, yet there is nothing simple about it. Our venue provides only the highest quality seafood and Asian Cuisine coupled with a sophisticated setting. We strictly use the freshest ingredients in our culinary creations, used to deliver the distinct flavors and styles of major culinary regions of Asia right to your plate. New Zealand Café menu offers you a chance to experience both the eclectic New Zealand cuisine and Asian gourmet. The fusion of experiences which we offer truly makes us the unparalleled best take out in town!

We are part of a bigger wave of New Zealand’s cuisine making its way into the United States, with excellent restaurants popping up all across the country. We’re proud to provide an opportunity of experiencing what New Zealand and Asia in general have to offer.

If you’re looking for that perfect bite of sushi, look no further than New Zealand Café! You owe it to yourself to experience the best Charlotte has to offer. As recognition of our excellence, we’ve received top reviews from local media and are now rated as Best Of Charlotte.

Come by and dine inside our beautiful ambient, or order sushi to-go. You can’t make the wrong choice.

New Zealand Café
1717 N. Sardis Road, Suite 6-A
Charlotte, NC 28270

(In Sardis Crossing Shopping

Center with Harris Teeter.)

Phone: 704-708-9888
Fax: 704.708.9896



My favorite sushi place for a very reasonable price for the quality.  They have an excellent selection of sushi/sushi rolls both fried and fresh.

The inside is intimate but very small.  If you don't like being close to other tables this isn't your spot.  The good news is their take out service is excellent.  Best takeout sushi I've had anywhere.  They really go the extra mile to make it look nice (see pics) as well as study and safe to transport home.

The service in the restaurant though is very friendly and good. Love this place.


-Ross Goddard

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