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Running a small business is hard. You’re serving customers, managing staff, and putting out fires all day long. There’s a constant struggle to convince customers to go with you instead of other businesses with better name recognition or a more established customer base.


Fortunately, there’s a proven way to beat out the competition and be recognized as the BEST.  Interested?  Read on.


Increases your online presence 24/7, 365 days a year

Provides marketing services for your company

Validates your brand as superior, trustworthy and professional

Recognizes your company as the only ONE for your category that is Best of Charlotte

Our centerpiece is our online business directory, We're locally owned and operated and have been showcasing select businesses since 2005.

  • We design your custom web page on the Rated Best Of Charlotte site with your business information, logo, photos, and a direct link to your website.

  • Our website and custom member profile pages increase your search engine viability, add credibility to your brand, and attract new customers.

Viral advertising takes your company to the next level.

Our members promote their Best Of Charlotte status in their advertising, marketing, email blasts, on their websites, blogs, and social media.

Each business is encouraged to utilize Rated Best of Charlotte marketing material on their own website so when it drives traffic to the Rated Best of Charlotte website and your business profile page, it increases your reach. When a member promotes our website, they are also promoting you.

All members have an opportunity to post a guest blog on our site to provide a competitive vehicle to anchor to their current company website.  We add news about your business to our site to put fresh content about your business on the internet.

Support for your current marketing

We encourage you to add the Rated Best logo to your website and link to ours. This is important because linking to other websites drives your presence and ranking up in internet search engines. We’ll link our website to yours for the same reason.

We continuously promote our website spotlighting your company on major search engines.

We are actively marketing your business category for only one finalist.  There is an application required of candidates in order to receive the Rated Best rating.  Not all businesses qualify!

There's More...

Plaque for Wan Fu Best chinese Food prev
  • You’ll receive a personalized oversized plaque with your logo and category announcing that you are Rated Best of Charlotte. We deliver a fresh plaque to you each year.

  • We provide you with camera ready logos for your use in your current advertising, social media, signage, sales materials and on company vehicles. We provide fresh logso to you each year.

  • You’ll also get a marketing package with tips on promoting your membership. We include a glass decal announcing you as Rated Best for your business door or vehicle.

Please fill out the form below for more information about your Rated Best of Charlotte nomination.

Thanks for submitting!

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