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Charlotte's Best Martial Arts Instruction.

Warrior Arts Reality 




Martial Arts is a great vehicle to teach your child respect, focus, self discipline, perseverance, and confidence (no trophies for just being there, true self esteem come from true achievement!).  Those things happen in conjunction with a real world ability to recognize danger and for them to avoid it, or deal with it as needed.  The children's class will give a basic understanding of the 5 ranges of conflict (weapons, kicking, punching, trapping and grappling) and given stratagies to deal with problems that could arise.  Leadership and citizenship are central to the full development of our young warriors!​

We are keeping class to a small and intimate number to ensure the highest quality and most personalized experience you can have.  I never want you to feel lost in a class that is so large you don't feel the opportunity to progress and have that personal interaction with the instructor that is so important to your or your child's growth!​

Grady's Warrior Arts Reality System is now enrolling students for all ages and skill levels. Martial Arts is an excellent way to become more physically fit, learn skills that build self confidence, integrity and leadership abilities.  In addition our students have fun as they learn.  Join us as an individual or as a family.


Warrior Arts Reality
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