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Premier Barter Exchange
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Charlotte's Best Barter Organization

Premier Barter Exchange


Let Premier Barter Exchange guide you in gaining online visibility and attracting new clients with ease. With us, you can expect to acquire new business above and beyond your current cash business. Our job is to help you gain new, beneficial partnerships and secure trade business into returning customers.


Our dedicated and adaptable team of expert Trade Brokers will make it their goal to promote your business. Through continuous guidance and support for your spending needs, the Trade Team will help you reap all the benefits of this groundbreaking business tool.


Premier Barter Exchange never overlooks the privacy of our members. Our use of cutting-edge technology and multilayered security networks guarantee the absolute protection of business information as well as the integrity of all financial transactions of our members.


With Premier, you can relax knowing that we do not receive any commissions until you have redeemed your barter dollars. Your Premier account comes equipped with following features:

• Prompt quality service 
• Conveniently itemized statements 
• Internet account management 
• Emergency card replacement


Call Premier Barter Exchange at: 704-846-0585
Email: smayor@premierbe.com

When you use barter, you trade your goods and services in exchange for Barter Dollars that you can use for things you pay cash for.

You Can Spend Your Barter Dollars On Things You Need For Your Business Or Home.



These are amazing people and honestly, I appreciate them as a 30-year retired military veteran.  I've been amazed at the ways to build barter credits and also extract it out.  Restaurants, vacations, soap and cleaning supplies, coffee, jewelry, meats, etc...These folks are very honest.


-Martin Mongiello

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