Jerry Rhyne Repair Service

Charlotte's Best Auto Body & Collision Repair

Jerry Rhyne's Collision Repair


Complete Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing

We offer following services to all makes and models:
• Mechanical and electrical repairs.
• Glass replacement and glass repairs.
• 24-hour towing services available @ (704) 847-9309.
• Safe and secure storage for your vehicle while at our shop..
• Paintless Dent Removal (environmentally-friendly).
• Free shuttle service back to your home or work.
• Rental and loaner cars.
• Thorough washing and cleaning of every vehicle before delivery.

6915 Old Lawyers Road
Charlotte, NC  28227
(704) 569-1180

12629 Downs Circle
Pineville, NC  28134
(704) 588-3613

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