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There are several programs that select the Best.  These programs are connected to media such as a newspaper or a magazine. These programs have a catch.  Usually, only their biggest advertisers win.  Or they only rank business types like bars or night clubs that have no relevance to your type of business. These are expensive programs designed to prop up advertising sales. Most locally owned businesses can’t afford to be named Best of Charlotte.

RatedBestOfCharlotte is a simpler more affordable rating system that makes it possible for any business to be Rated BEST Of Charlotte and enjoy the benefits that this recognition brings.

RatedBestOfCharlotte.com is a marketing enhancement program that allows a business to promote itself as the Best Of Charlotte and separate from their competition. And our program is exclusive meaning only one business is Rated Best. Also our program runs 24/7, 365 days a year, while other products expire as soon as the publication is circulated.

What is included in the program?

Businesses who are Rated Best Of Charlotte receive the following:

1).  A high quality plaque to display in their business with the business category and

      logo that shows their Best Rating.
2).  A door decal for their entrance door.
3).  A Business Profile Page on the RatedBestOfCharlotte.com Website with links to
      your Website, information about your business, a Google Map and a Video.  Our
      Website receives thousands of visitors monthly looking for local businesses.
4).  We produce an professional Video about your business which we post on our

      Website and our YouTubeChannel.  We also make it available for you to post

      on your Website.
5).  We Provide with a DVD with versions of the RatedBestOfCharlotte.com logo
      That you can use in your advertising, on your Website, even on your company
       vehicles. Only members are authorized to use these logos.
6).   Inclusion in our Rated Best Blog and YouTube channel

7).   Our marketing guide with easy steps to fully use your rating.

Additionally you receive these benefits:

•  Our Google and Facebook advertising to drive traffic to our Site and yours.
•  Search Engine optimization associated with being on our Website
•  The marketing exposure derived when our members use the logo in their advertising

   and on their Website and social media.
•  The exposure of your video on YouTube and Search Engines.

How does my business get Rated Best Of Charlotte?

To become Rated Best Of Charlotte you must either be nominated by a fan on our Online Nomination Form or invited to join.  We invite businesses who have good Better Business Bureau ratings, have received good Online reviews or have received recognition in the local press.

To be qualified, your business must:
•  Be Locally Owned.
•  Have a good Better Business Bureau rating.
•  Have a solid credit rating.
•  Be able to provide business references (on the application)
•  Have a Website.
•  Fill-out our application.

 What does Rated Best Of Charlotte Cost?

We charge a $149 Application & Set-Up Fee to cover the cost of your application, and the set-up of your Best Business Directory Page and Video Production of your video.  This is refunded if your application is not accepted.

Monthly Membership is just $99 a month with a 12 month term of membership, charged to your credit/debit card, renewable annually.

 How do I get started?

Call us at 704-631-4500 or email us at info@RatedBestOfCharlotte.com to request an application.  We’ll help you get Rated Best Of Charlotte and enjoying the benefits.

A Directory Of Charlotte's Best Businesses

Locally Owned Businesses You Can Count On.

Your Business Will Receive A Plaque To Prominently Display in Your Business

We Advertise RatedBestOfCharlotte.com On

Google & Facebook To Drive Traffic To Our Site

And Tor Your Profile.

Additionally Your Profile Page Will Show

In Online Searches.

Being Rated Best Will Separate Your

Business From The Competition.

We Create A Professionally Produced Video To Put In Your Rated Best Profile, On The Rated Best YouTube Channel And On Your Website.


The Perfect Way To Make Your Marketing More Effective

Best Of All, Only Your Company Will

Be Recognized As Best Of Charlotte

In Our Program. This Will Significantly

Separate You From Competitors.